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At SP, we love bringing the symbols and traditions of holiday celebrations to life on our tables and this year’s Easter table was no exception. Using our eye catching Dusty Rose Gingham linen as our main source of inspiration, we sourced practical and sustainable accessories to help create a memorable Easter tablescape easy enough to recreate.

Each place setting was laid with one of our rattan, handmade placemats and then topped with a simple, oversized white dinner plate. To bring some dimension and festive flair to the table, we folded our napkins into lotus flower shapes. The centre of the napkins made the perfect cradle for our other seasonal offerings. 

Setting Pretty- Easter Table

As soon as we had chosen our table linen, we came up with the idea of making matching Easter eggs. We grabbed acrylic markers from our children’s art boxes, boiled some white duck eggs and set to work replicating the painted brush strokes of our Gingham pattern. Meticulous horizontal stripes were made with the help of an egg decorating kit found on Amazon (thank you Prime!), while the vertical stripes were drawn freestyle. Sustainable and delicious, angel hair pasta nests found in our local supermarkets hugged each gingham egg perfectly.

Since no Easter is complete without chocolate, we added iconic Lindt bunnies (again found in our local supermarket and corner stores) to each place setting. A quick dig through a box of spare ribbon and the traditional red ribbons on our bunnies were replaced with the perfect green gingham bows. 
Homemade floral arrangements of mint parrot tulips and white fragrant hyacinths, available at all florists and large supermarkets this time of year, were the finishing touches.

Setting this holiday table, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of hope and renewal with the prospect of reuniting with our loved ones. May hope spring eternal this Easter.
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