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How To Care For Your Tulips


We love buying and styling our own flowers for our photoshoots, our dinner parties and our homes. It’s an easy way to cut down costs and also ensure your flowers match your table perfectly. Tulips are always a great choice and the quintessential spring flower. They come in a variety of gorgeous colours, look great on their own for or mixed with other flowers. You can also find them almost anywhere, from a florists to your local supermarkets and even petrol stations. If taken care of correctly, they can last ages, which makes them economical as well.


Setting Pretty Table Tips: How To Care For Your Tulips


Did you know each colour of tulip symbolises something different?
Here are the most common interpretations.
Red = Love
White = Purity, forgiveness and respect
Purple = Royalty
Blue = Peace and Tranquility
Yellow = Happiness and cheerfulness

Now who is up for a spring tulip refresh ?


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