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We live for beautiful prints and love incorporating them in our daily lives. Many customers ask us the best way to mix and match their existing decor with our patterned table linens. Below is a quick helpful guide.


1. Set Your Foundation

Select your base pattern, whether it’s a placemat, napkin or tablecloth, in order to create your perfect backdrop.

2. Layer With Multiple Patterns

It’s all about the pattern! A good pattern will give your table texture and depth. Mixing bold patterns like leopard and plaid might seem wrong, but opposites often do attract.

3. Weave in a Common Colour

The easiest way to fuse patterns is by having a unifying colour present, which will tie things together and give a cohesive look. A napkin, a flower, a coloured ribbon or even a vibrant cocktail are all great ways to pair colour with your table.

4. Balance Prints with Solids

A great way to anchor your look and pare things back is by incorporating solid colours. This can easily be achieved through candles or other table accessories, including a monochromatic floral arrangement.


5. Mix & Match Pattern Scales

Large scale patterns can mix with smaller scale prints, especially if the colour pallet stays the same.


6. Finish with Flair

Sometimes all you need is that one little appointment that makes all the difference. Napkins, napkin rings, coloured glassware or beautiful crockery give added interest to your table.


7. Be bold, be daring and have fun mixing and matching.

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