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A tray is always a most welcome sight. It is typically brimming with wonderful offerings like breakfast in bed, afternoon tea, or an evening cocktail. When we see trays at Setting Pretty, we think of mini tablescapes with scope for endless creativity.

On a recent spring weekend, co-founder Stephanie took a bamboo tray that was given to her by her late grandmother Bee and transformed it using our coral Wild Child linen into an indulgent but healthy breakfast in bed experience.

Trays are quick to set with minimal effort and yield almost instant gratification.  There are no strict rules of etiquette in “trayscaping” as almost anything goes – from a rustic find left unadorned to your most exquisite silver heirloom tray embellished with your finest linen.

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to decorate your tray to suit the occasion. 

  1. Select the right tray in terms of size, style and function.
  2. Lay your canvas. Select a napkin, placemat or even a sample of lovely fabric you have sitting in a drawer and drape it casually or fold meticulously.
  3. Add the key elements – plate, cutlery, teapot, champagne flute, a bowl of olives, etc.

Don’t forget to add a bud vase or other decorative object if no fresh flowers are available. Seashells, silver ornaments, a piece of pottery, or even a photo in a frame can make beautiful finishing touches.


Grab your trays and effortlessly elevate your next tray experience.



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