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Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of Mexican Independence, presents the opportunity to revel in the country’s rich flavours, beautiful music and gorgeous colour palettes. Vibrant colours were the foundation of the buffet tablescape we created and helped inform the decor for this buffet style meal. We wanted to make sure that our table was not only a feast for the belly, but also for the eyes, and here’s how we did it:

1. Go for Buffet Style

We love entertaining buffet style. It is inherently a more informal way of entertaining than a sit down meal. It allows your guests the opportunity to mingle and eliminates the stress of having to serve everyone at the same time. It’s also a simpler way to cater for different dietary requirements. So pull out your trestle table, clear off your kitchen island or get your dining table buffet ready.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix & match

Choose a festive linen base to anchor your design and set your canvas, like our Wild Child linens or our Cane Set. By coupling your table linens with dishes and vessels in different shapes and colours that you have collected over time, you are not only decorating your table, you’re also telling a story.

3. Have fun with heights & angles

Placing items on your buffet at varying heights is a great way to bring depth to your table. To create this effect, repurpose wine crates, cake tins, or old boxes into chic food stands by draping fabric over them. 

Another great way to bring character to any table is to play with angles. Forget the symmetry to help make the table feel as natural as possible.

4. Be Sustainable

Take the sustainable route and bring things you can source from your local grocery store or supermarket into your design scheme. Plants, flowers, cacti, limes, chilis and pineapple were the centrepieces of our table. Remember, almost anything can be an accent!

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