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The slow emergence from months of lockdown has left us desperate to see our friends and loved ones in person. Upon hearing the UK Government was allowing small gatherings of up to 6 people from different households in gardens and open spaces, we immediately seized the opportunity and organised a social distanced evening of cocktails suitable for 3 couples.

We used our Wild Child and Romantic Collection linens in blue, purple and turquoise to set the stage for our relaxed outdoor gathering. Tablecloths doubled as colourful picnic blankets and extra Wild Child fabric lent itself perfectly to creating cosy cushions. 

Whether you are hosting in your back garden, communal garden or other open space, here’s our guide to creating your next social distanced gathering. 

Setting Pretty’s Guide to Social Distance Entertaining:

1. The Invitation:

  • As a host, it is a priority to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to social distancing.
  • Your invitation should make it clear to your guests who is invited, where you are having your gathering and how you plan to social distance.

2. Setting the Scene: 

  • Devise your seating plan well ahead. Ensure to leave enough space between guests to adhere to the 2m guidelines. For our gathering, each couple was designated their own uniquely coloured picnic area. 
  • Don’t forget the music. Grab your portable speaker and turn on Spotify.

3. Food & Drink Stations:

  • Setting up a self-serve bar or buffet allows your guests the independence to access their favourite beverage or food easily and safely. Set up your station ahead of time remembering the hand sanitiser. 
  • Each couple was given their own tray complete with cocktail snacks, which we set out in advance of their arrival.  

4. Easy Access: 

  • Make sure access to your home, garden and guest loo are free and clear.  We stocked our guest loo with disposable hand towels and hand sanitiser.  

We are already planning our next get together and thrilled that entertaining at home is back!

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