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Passover is a Jewish holiday rich in traditions, symbolism and group participation. It is also one of the oldest and most sacred holidays in Judaism. Here are 6 clever and simple ways to make your Seder table stand out this Passover.

1. The Table Linens

We chose a blue and white coloured theme this year. Our new Blue Wild Child linens and our Easycare Blue Cane Placemats made the perfect backdrop for our Seder table.

2. Matzah Place Cards

Instead of passing the matzah around the table, why not give everyone their own piece personalised by piping.  Tuck them into napkins or place on your guests’ plates.  Double the function and double the Yum! 

3. Centrepieces

While the Seder plate is the ultimate centrepiece, we always like to sprinkle our table with seasonal flowers. Choose flowers in coordinating colours or in your favourite contrasting hue for a pop. We found blue hydrangeas and white hyacinths at our local flower stand which we placed throughout our table.

4. The Seder Plate 

The most sacred accessory and centrepiece for your table will be the Seder plate.  We like to keep ours traditional and ornate. 

5. Passover Haggadah

We covered each Haggadah in a sheet of decorative paper to coordinate with our table.  This is an unexpected and lovely way to accessorise your table. 

6. Individual Seder Plates

Why not incorporate some of Passover’s symbolic foods by setting individual place settings. Mini Carafes of wine, bitter herbs, hard boiled eggs and personal salt water trays for dipping.  Not only does it provide your guests with everything they need, but it minimises risks of Covid and any concerns when it comes to passing the Seder plate.

Wishing you a very Happy Passover from our Seder table to yours.

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