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How to find the best fit for your table

A tablecloth is an easy way to elevate your look and anchor your table design, but it can be tricky to navigate. One of the questions we get asked frequently at Setting Pretty is how to work out the correct sized tablecloth. Here’s our step by step guide to help. 

1. Measure your table

Make sure to measure your table accurately, which means you should include any table leaves or extensions you might have. An ideal fit for a tablecloth is one that is suitable for smaller, more casual meals, as well as larger parties that might require your table to be extended to its maximum capacity.

2. Calculate table dimensions

Measure your table length and width. For large tables, we recommend measuring from the center of your table and multiplying by two.

3. Choose Length of Drop or Overhang

You must decide how much of your tablecloth you’d like to have as a drop or an overhang. Our general rule of thumb is to have at least 8”-10” / 20-25 cm overhang on each side of your table. Some prefer their tablecloths longer; for example, a buffet tablecloth that skims the ground is elegant and makes a statement.

An extended drop or overhang can help with a more polished look when needed. However, be mindful to measure the distance between the table and the chairs when using an extended drop so that guests don’t have too much fabric bunched up around their legs.



4. Calculating Size of Tablecloth

Now that you have your table dimensions and desired overhang measurements, calculate the ideal size of your tablecloth as follows: 

For rectangular & square tables:

Desired overhang x 2 + length of table

Desired overhang x 2 + width of table

For round tables:

Desired overhang x 2 + diameter of table

5. Have fun!

A tablecloth is just another way to add a bit of personality to your table, so think of the length as a way to express your design aesthetic. Mix and match with runners to bring even more life to your table.


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