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The Wild Child is the first pattern we designed for our SS2020 collection. The print was inspired by some of our favourite animal prints and fabric patterns.  We felt a traditional leopard or cheetah print might be too busy for most tastes so we adapted the design to be a softer and more refined animal print. The result is an elegant and timeless pattern which we feel will work easily on most tables and in most homes.
SettingPretty WildChild Print
There are so many wonderful ways to print on cotton and we decided the Wild Child print would be perfect for traditional hand block printing.  
Block printing is a centuries old art developed in the Jaipur region of India. It is a printing method that is rich in tradition and requiring skilled craftsmanship.
The process involves sketching and carving a design into a block of wood, applying dye (in our case the dye was hand mixed as we wanted to use non toxic dye) and stamping the block onto the cotton cloth.  The cloth is left to naturally dry outside and the ink is left up to a week to dry. 
The result is a unique print which helps gives an organic and bespoke feel to the Wild Child collection. 
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