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The Masters golf tournament is considered to be the most sacred tournament of the annual golfing calendar.  Here is our Setting Pretty Guide to putting together a golf themed table fit for a green jacket.

Our Setting Pretty Green Wild Child linen was the obvious choice for our backdrop. We folded our napkins in a simple roll and secured them using our Green Velvet Napkin Rings.

We sourced some essentials from Amazon, including a runner of artificial grass and a bag of sand. If you don’t happen to live with a golfer, you can find the golf balls and tees on Amazon as well. We cut round placemats (make sure the diameter is roughly 2” larger than your plate) and amoeba shaped golf greens out of the artificial grass. 

Next, we found a clear fishbowl vase in our cupboard, filled it 1/3 of the way up with sand, dropped in a few balls and tees and created a mini bunker centrepiece. Little white metal buckets were another great way to display our golf balls.


An acrylic ice bucket in the shape of a giant golf ball by the amazing Mario Luca Giusti, our favourite designer for acrylic tableware, could not have been a more whimsical and stylish way to keep the beer chilled (we chose green bottles to keep with the theme, of course).



For dessert, we love cake pops for being moorish, bite size and playful. They play perfectly into themed events and we couldn’t resist getting some made into golf ball shapes. The cake pops came unembellished so we got creative in terms of how to display them. We placed ours in a metal fruit and vegetable basket (this one is vintage John Lewis!) to simulate a bucket of balls at the driving range. We took a cardboard cake base and rolled green royal icing on top of it and scattered a few tees (real, inedible ones!) over it. A bit of green sugar crystals really helped give texture as well. Simple but high impact.

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