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The Brand

Setting Pretty is a stylish, affordable and versatile tableware business founded in London by friends Stephanie Bloom and Julie Darwent. Frustrated by the lack of affordable, fun and practical table linens and accessories, we started SP to address the gap in the market. 

Style It

The use of pattern and colour is at the core of our brand. Changing the colour palette of a table is a quick and non-committal way of introducing new colours and moods to your home. Many of our colours and prints are intended to be mixed and matched. We want to encourage our customers to be playful and bold when it comes to dressing their table.

Set It

Our products are designed to make the process of setting a beautiful table enjoyable and stress free. Our eye catching prints makes setting a stylised table achievable. 

Love It

Nothing is more important to us than family, friendship and community. We believe the act of gathering friends and loved ones around the table is to be celebrated.  From the simplest of family dinners to the most joyous of events, we want to help heighten the experience of a meal shared.